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Along with the modern day lifestyle that we are leading, the number of patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure is on a rapid increase. Over 400 million people in the world are suffering from these conditions and as of today, Western medicine has not been able to find a cure. Instead, the symptoms of these conditions are merely controlled by treatment procedures and continuous medication that may eventually lead to adverse side effects. It does not heal the patient and fails to address the root cause, which is the disease itself.

Chi-Tannin with Tea Polyphenols Compound

Specially formulated after years of research and improvement using food-based ingredients which could combat modern lifestyle diseases.  Chi-tannin conditions the physiological state for optimum wellness and good health. It could also enhance the self-healing ability of the body, helping it fight against illnesses. 

Chi-Tannin aims to help the patient recover completely. The supplement helps maintain healthy blood pressure, blood sugar levels and reduces blood lipids, thereby preventing cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis. Being a good antioxidant, it will also help to prevent carcinogenic (cancer causing) genetic mutations.


Chi-Tannin provides an alternate natural remedy. Patients can subsequently cut down the intake of western medication when Chi-Tannin realizes its great effect. For healthy body and mind, long-term consumption is recommended. No toxic side effects, cardiovascular risk and cancer risk. 

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 decrease the usage of western medicine. Anti-oxidation, remove harmful free radicals, Prevents  cancer .

  • Prevent Cardiovascular and Arteriosclerosis

  • Maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar level

  • Improve blood circulation, enhance immunity

  • Detoxification, remove harmful free radicals

  • Anti-radiation to reduce the damage to the body

  • Prevent cancer and genetic mutation

  • Prevent risk of dementia

  • Prevent cancer


(Oral, Before or after meal): 2 capsules 2 times daily


(Oral, Before or after meal): 2 capsules 3 times daily

  1. Our clinical dosage of Chi-Tannin for high blood pressure is 2 capsules 3 times daily in conjunction with existing medication.

  2. Once the condition of high blood pressure improves, gradually reduce dosages of western medication every 3 months (eg: from 1 tablet reduce to 3/4, to 1/2 to 1/4).

  3. Usually it takes about 6 months to 2 years to completely phase out the western medicine depending on individual condition. Continuous and persistent consumption of Chi-Tannin will maintain good health.


Tea Polyphenols (contains 80% and above of natural EGCG) :
The medical and health professionals call them the “jinx of radiation”. The natural elements in green tea help to remove free radicals, slow the ageing process, prevent the development of cancer, lower blood cholesterol levels, regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels, and inhibit the growth of bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Crustacean / Chitosan :
The scientific field calls it “the sixth element of life”. Chitosan could prevent cancer, inhibit the growth and spread of cancer, enhance human immunity, protect the liver and aid in detoxification. It is especially suitable for patients with diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, etc. It helps in preventing cytopathic effects as well as complementing the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in treating tumors.

Grape Seed P.E. / OPCs :
Currently widely acknowledged worldwide as the natural antioxidant that could most effectively remove free radicals, Europeans call it the nutrition of youth. OPCs promote blood circulation and improve cerebral hypoxia. It helps protect the heart, and alleviates pre-menstrual syndrome, etc.

Natural Vitamin E :
Slows down the ageing process and has whitening properties. Many call it the “elixir of youth”. Natural Vitamin E could directly capture free radicals, removing the harmful effect they have upon human cells. This helps in minimizing falls in energy, appearance of wrinkles, ageing spots. It also helps to boost immunity.

Dry Yeast :
Yeast contains good complete proteins, including several peptides and free amino acids which is vital for the proper functioning of the nervous system, cardiovascular system, hemopoietic function, reproductive system, eyesight, stress relief, improving hair texture and complexion.


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