How Effective Is Our Supplements?

 QRS (Quantum Resonance Spectrometer) testing method 

A Brief Introduction of the Testing Technique for QRS

The basic principle of QRS: Known matter is made up of atoms. The atom is made up of a central nucleus surrounded by a cloud of negatively charged electrons. The nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons. In quantum physics, the basic unit of matter is called particles.


Its movement would create electromagnetic waves. Different matter would create different electromagnetic waves. But resonance occurs in waves, that is, when two waves with the same wavelength meet, their waves would overlap and increase in range (known as resonance).


As such, one could tell if two waves are the same since resonance would occur when they are the same and vice versa.


The effect of medicines is studied by capturing and analyzing the electromagnetic waves that are emitted. For years, we have used QRS in our studies to determine the effectiveness of medicines in the early stages as well as analyze the effectiveness of medication on a particular disease.  It has also been used to test and determine the effectiveness of medication on a particular patient with a particular disease.

Criterion of Test: Test sample must show positive value to be deemed to have therapeutic effect.


Value below 3000 means effect is negligible. Value must be above 3000 to have meaningful therapeutic effect.

3000 – 5000 shows slight effect.

5000 – 10000 show good effect.

10000 – 15000 show very good effect.

Above 15000 shows extremely good effect.

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